by Arms For Elephants

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released June 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Arms For Elephants Mankato, Minnesota

Mevans- Vocals
Fletch- Vocals/Guitar

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Track Name: O, Complacent Heart
I hit the ceiling, broken teeth
tried my best again, but if only I were stronger
or not so held down by the fear
I just can't seem to kill

fear not for I am with you
(I will not be ashamed, I will not be disgraced)
be not dismayed for I AM
(take me a day away from here)

I lay repeating, broken speech
tried my luck again, but if only I were stronger
grasping my complacent heart
the shame I just can't seem to kill

where's your anger? where's your urgency?
(when all i fear is you, what can man to do me?)
Track Name: Beloved
listen up, you failures and you reckless and confused
are you desperate? are you still waiting for hope?
or is your heart closed?
you are, you are the lost and chosen
beloved of the one true king
He will wash away your every stain
the weak will rest in Him
listen up, you careless and you broken and misled
are you living? or are you just breathing?
do you even want to know?
Father, I don't know how
Father, to lay this down
Father, your strength's in me
Father, since you sent your son to bleed
Track Name: Refuge in Chains
it's a never ending struggle trying to satisfy
every whim and every desire
no matter what you do, or what you say
you'll fall short of someone's expectations
i know you want to feel wanted, (ashamed of your secrets)
then you're just like everyone else
we all hold tight to our chains
take these ruins, and take these broken hearts
make them new, to show the world your love through us
(love will replace this false retreat)
no matter what they do, or what they say
it has no place in your vocation
you don't need to feel wanted (ashamed of your failures)
if you know who you really are
so just let go of your chains
take these simple words (to show the world your love through us)
take these hearts they are yours, God
these hearts they are yours, God